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Echo Blue
May 31, 2009

This is an Echo Blue Lisianthus. These flowers are really easy to grow. They last for two years with more blooms the second year. I had pink ones in the pot last year and this is the first year for these purple ones.



White Carnations
May 30, 2009

I love carnations. They are the perfect vase flower since they seem to last forever. I have one potted white carnation that has a beautiful scent.


I had a weird experience at the fabric store today. A friend, our sons were in high school band together, is the manager of the Viking Sewing Center within our neighborhood JoAnns. She had a lady there that was going to teach sewing classes for her. This woman asked me how to sew in a collar. She is the instructor. She said she has taken classes with Palmer and Pletsch and Martha Pullen, but they have never gone over collars. Then she said she would take a class to learn how to sew the shirt I was wearing. I make my own shirts. It just surprised me, a sewing instructor who had never sewn collar. It just seems so basic.

Pink Socks
May 29, 2009

I am starting another pair of socks from Cookie A’s book, “Sock Innovation”. Here is the ravelry link to the pattern called Vilai. The stitch pattern is 35 stitches wide by 28 rows. I have to watch the chart as I knit, but it isn’t difficult. The pattern is rather fun and much more enjoyable than trying to match color changes in the yarn like my last two pairs. There are lots of K3togs and a 7 stitch twisted stitch cable every 14 rows.


May 28, 2009

Not much going on today. Started a new pair of socks, but they aren’t far enough to comment on. Here are a couple flower pics. I liked the rose up against the hedge which is in bloom. The day lilies are blooming again too. They bloom off and on all year, though I have never figured out their schedule.

In the Pink


May 27, 2009

Two mailers came today. One from Beverly’s with 3, count them, 40% off coupons. I see more sock yarn being added to the stash in June. JoAnn’s also has a good deal on patterns too. I haven’t had time to sew up the ones from the last sale. So I will pass on this sale.


I had a weird day. First I was all set up to get a couple hours knitting on the patio this morning. It was beautiful out. I had tea and cushions on the chairs. I had only knit one row before the jack-hammers started. A neighbor is tearing up his 5 year old patio. They are crazy here outdoing each other on the backyard renovations. I want the power tools to stop, just stop.

Next my son brings in the mail and his tax refund check came. Only it is 4 times more than he is supposed to get back. I called and waited, and waited,and… Finally I am told that the IRS corrected his form, but it didn’t need to be corrected. He didn’t claim an exemption because we claim him as a dependent. We have to send the check back with a letter explaining why we are sending it back. The check was for about $300 more dollars than he even had withheld. How many other college students also get corrected forms and a bigger refund? Needless to say my son was disappointed. He needs the refund money now. So I will advance it to him and hope that the IRS can fix their mistake in a timely manner.

When Rick came in he told me he saw one of my favorite actresses today, along with a couple of other really famous ones. They were all there to read for Rapunzel, the next Disney Princess movie. I asked if I could write the names, but Rick said no. He has a confidentiality agreement. I want to talk about who would make the best Repunzel with you all. So all in all a weird day.