To Turn or not to Turn

I hoped by today I would at least be finished with the heels of these socks. After “tinking” lots of stitches I think the stripes are pretty much matching. I have knit socks with turned heels before, but it was years ago. I forgot everything and didn’t understand what I was doing. So instead of knitting one row on one sock and then the other I thought it would be best just to work one heel completely. Big mistake, since I am having trouble counting heel flap rows in the slip stitch pattern. Have I knit enough and can now turn the heel or do I need two more rows? The idea of un-knitting yet again is holding me back. Next time I knit both heel flaps together. This counting after the fact is just too uncertain.



One Response

  1. It won’t matter if you’re off a row of 2. The socks are knitting up lovely!

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