It is a slow blog day. Southern California skipped spring and jumped right into summer. The heat makes the day long and lazy. I woke Thumper up and snapped a photo. Usually she will walk away from the camera when she sees it. Today she walked right up to it and I got this photo. I like how the sun brings out the orange in her coloring.


Happy Earth Day!


3 Responses

  1. WOW! Didn’t realize turtles react like that- If I didn’t see the picture I’d think it was a dog or cat.. Cool!

  2. Thumper is beautiful! Look at thos colors!

  3. Is thumper a tortoise? I was totally expecting a shot of a cute little bunny, LOL!

    I like turtles. I had some when I was a little girl. They actually had their own little personalities and I loved how they responded to me!

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