Evening Jasmine

I am a little frustrated with the sock knitting. The pattern repeat doesn’t seem to divide nicely on two needles. So to answer Jackie’s question from yesterday’s post, yes two needles are better than one and three needles for rearranging stitches work the best. For some reason I can’t figure out, I am getting a knit two together with one stitch on each needle. So I move the stitches and then the next repeat is offset, so I get the same problem and have to move the stitches back. When I get to the foot, things should settle down. That is not going to be for a while. I can see the pattern that the stitches are making and am able to follow where I am pretty well. So maybe after another repeat I can figure out the best place for the break between needles. I already changed the rib to an even one and eliminated the set-up row. Cookie A. likes ribbing that goes into the pattern stitches. I’ll try that on the next pair.

The socks look pretty much the same as yesterday, so for a photo I played around in Photoshop with a couple of jasmine pictures. I was trying to make the darks darker and the lights lighter. It didn’t really work. Here are the photos anyway.


Evening-Jasmine 2


2 Responses

  1. Oh, I just love the scent of jasmine! That light pink blossom is so pretty! We have mostly star jasmine around here which is white blossoms with yellow stamens. Pretty, but I find the pink blossoms prettier still! 🙂

  2. I like to have my needles set up where I don’t have to keep rearranging stitches. So far, though, my favorite method is DPNs (which is the first method I’ve learned).

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