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Kitchener Stitch
April 30, 2009

I finished the ‘glynis’ socks. I now realize that the pattern is really great and any problems I had with it were due to my ineptitude. How do I know this? I know this because it took me at least 50 tries to graft the toes with the kitchener stitch. I had some trouble starting. I had even more trouble just keeping the knit and purl movements straight. Time after time I would be done with a toe and there would be a purl stitch. I even asked my son to write some kind of song to sing so I would do the right movement in the right order. He said he was a performer and not a composer. I am trying out all my old sorority songs and seeing if I can come up with something. “Boom Boom, Knit off the front stitch, then purl, Boom Boom, Purl off the back stitch, now knit… etc.” I still have to figure out the etc. part.

There was quite a bit of yarn left over from a 100 gram skein. Now I will be confident about not running out of yarn on my next pair. Even though I bitched and complained though this project, it was a great learning experience. I like the socks too.



Container Wildlife
April 29, 2009

I let my containers of geraniums get a little overgrown. I kept meaning to trim them. I even wanted to transplant the really big Martha Washington into a bigger planter of some sort. I just haven’t found one I really like. Well, I waited too long. I went to water the plants today and a quail flew out from the pot in the back on the right side of this photo. I looked in and didn’t see anything at first so I moved some leaves. There were 11 spotted eggs shiny with water. I don’t want a family of quails in my pot of geraniums. I don’t know how to water around the eggs. We will have to see if the chicks hatch. The mother quail really squawked and carried on while I examined the pots. It never occurred to me that birds would make a nest in a flower pot. Especially one I hose down every other day.



Piecework Challenge
April 28, 2009

“Piecework” editor, Linda Ligon, issued a challenge to figure out two patterns from Weldon’s Practical Needlework. This month’s issue of the magazine is about lace. I love lace, especially crochet lace. Well, the article on crochet lace is a challenge because even though Ms. Ligon can crochet she could not understand the Weldon’s directions. I read the directions and they were really clear. It would be no problem for me to make a sample. The only problem is I am in the middle of learning to knit socks, make a yo-yo purse, learning the dSLR camera and of course finishing up 15 UFO’s. I am tempted by the challenge. The other pattern is an easy one too, except for the size and the number of stitches. It is tedious rather than difficult. The magazine is looking for an ongoing crochet consultant. It is an interesting proposition. Then again, since I could understand the patterns I am sure lots of other lace crocheters can too.


Depth of Field
April 27, 2009

Well, how do I say it. I caved in to temptation. Canon announced a new rebel dSLR camera at the end of March. It has video! I have been waiting and thinking about this camera, the EOS Rebel T1i. It was delivered to the stores on Thursday; I held out until 4:00PM on Saturday. Rick went with me to buy it. I have only had a day to play with it. I haven’t moved past the auto setting, but as you can see from this little bit of sock knitting I finally have depth of field. It also snaps pictures fast, just like Austin Powers. It is another technology to learn. We went out to a park and the brim of my hat caused the flash to go off when I looked through the view finder. It isn’t as simple as turning off the flash on a point and shoot camera. So I have still lots to learn. Also I just noticed the proportions of the photo it takes is different from the point and shoot ones. I guess each camera uses a different shape of rectangle. I never realized that before.


Cookie A.’s Top-Down Sock Design
April 26, 2009

I signed up! UnWind a LYS in Burbank, California is hosting a Cookie A. sock knitting weekend. So next Sunday I will get to meet Cookie A. in person and learn how to design socks. I can hardly wait. I still have to finish the glynis pair. One requirement for the class is to have knit one pair of socks from the top down in a non-stockinette pattern. I have about 2″ left of each foot and then the toes. One week, no problem, right?

For a photo I will share a photo of some sage blooms. I probably shouldn’t have let the plant flower, but I love purple blossoms.