Pink Jasmine

This is my 150th consecutive daily blog post! That is only a month away from the half year mile stone. So today I think I will blog about my herb garden, photography, and computers. I will resume the posts about my vintage fiber collection tomorrow.

I love jasmine tea, so I planted two jasmine bushes. I still don’t really know how to add the blossoms to tea. One step at a time, at least my patio will smell like jasmine for the next month or so. I noticed the first bloom yesterday afternoon and went to take a photo. It is hard to take macro photos of a blossom swaying in the breeze. None of the pictures turned out. So I cheated. I cut the blossom stem from the plant and held it up against my creeping fig covered wall and tried again. Better, but still not great. This photo is only halfway to where I think it could be.

I downloaded the photo into the mac, then opened it photoshop cs4. I could not for the life of me figure that program out, so I put it into photoshop elements. At least I could resize it down enough to post to flickr. I saved the new version, but couldn’t find it to upload to flickr. Finally I used spotlight, but still couldn’t bring it up in the flickr downloader since the place I needed to go was grayed out. So I clicked on it in spotlight. It opened in photoshop cs4 of all things. So I saved it to the desktop and uploaded it to flickr from there. Now I know why my friend’s mac has all these files covering her desktop. Can’t get to them any other way. So instead of doing the crafting I love, I need to learn how to use this computer and the programs on it. I also have to google how to harvest jasmine for tea. I cheated there too and bought some lovely jasmine tea at Lupicia after my last one-to-one mac class on Thursday. In my next class hopefully they can show me how to take the spots of this photo and then find the new file on the computer.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Pink-Jasmine Bloom


3 Responses

  1. Would love to see pics of the herb garden!

  2. Beautiful pink jas! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the posting count. I barely made a month in a row.

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