Jet Beading

The was a slight sparkle under a layer of black velvet ribbon in the box I was going through. It turned out to be this decorative jet beaded trim that has seen much better days. From looking through my fashion history books I think it is from the early 1900’s. I wish I had a photograph of the dress it adorned. The tiny, think size 11 seed, beads are all fauceted. If I had come across this piece 15 years ago during my bead weaving days I would have taken it apart for those beads. I am glad I didn’t remember it then. Now I will take a rubbing of the back and documenting photographs before I harvest the beads. It is hard to describe the way the wrapped cord is laid out and sewn together. It is done in a way to eliminate starting and stopping, in other words continuously. The cord is always doubled, so one side goes off then comes back on itself and then joins to make a double cord throughout. I think I want to do an embroidery based on the spiral leaf pattern.

This isn’t a very good photograph. You can see the design though.


Here is a closeup of the beads. They need a good cleaning to bring out the shine.



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  1. Wow! I love this! I’ve enjoyed seeing glimpses into your collection!

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