Just a quick post. Here is a photo of one of the projects I used to teach 2nd graders how to hand sew. The pattern is in the book “Sewing Machine Fun!” and I used the sewing method described in “My First Sewing Book”. I cut out the shapes in washable felt and dotted where to stitch. The students then stitched and stuffed the shapes using a chenille needle and size 30 crochet thread. They learned to sew on both kinds of buttons, because the googly eyes have a shank. The nose and whiskers are done in puff paint. The girls really liked this project. After we finished these we went on to make dolls and then they all embroidered a pillow. After that, I did a class on beginning knitting where they knit purses. The girls that were really quick went onto a hat and then one even started knitting a doll. At that age they are so hard to keep up with.



2 Responses

  1. What a cute project for a young beginning sewer! I’m sure the kids loved it!

  2. What a darling project! I’m sure that gave the kids such an amazing sense of accomplishment when they were done with it! What a wonderful lifelong hobby you may have help light a fire for in some of those kids! ((Hugs)) to you!

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