80’s Pin

Blogging daily is beginning to get difficult. I found this little pin while clearing out a drawer. Not everyone keeps 25 year old toothpick dolls wearing out of date fashions. I didn’t make this pin. It was a gift. It is made with just toothpicks, DMC embroidery floss, and a couple of beads for earrings. The hair is stiffened with something like Elmer’s glue, as is the lavender hat. I love the 80s outfits. I remember wearing big sweater dresses with shoulder pads. We wore more dresses then than girls do now. Comfort seems so much more important today than fashion. I have been wondering, what style of clothing modern toothpick dolls would wear?



3 Responses

  1. Those are cute….lots of detail on such a small doll!

    Today’s dolls? Low rise jeans with a wide belt and a shirt with a bit of belly showing?

  2. Is there a pattern for these adorable little dolls. I have a 10 yo granddaughter who would love to make some of these. She is very fashion forward !!!

  3. Darrrrling!

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