Green Pillowcase Lace

Every time I think I am out of projects to blog about another pops up. This time it is a piece of knitted trim intended for a pillowcase. I just like lacy pillowcases. It was knit using size 1 needles and size 10 crochet cotton. I used the cheap stuff because I really liked this particular color of grey green. I have way too many almost done projects. This knit trim should be applied to a pillowcase and not living in a zip-lock bag. The end is finished with waste yarn, so I can either graft it to the beginning or keep knitting and make the edging longer, say, for a curtain valance. I think getting back into a project is much harder than starting something completely new. Why is that?


A close up photo.



4 Responses

  1. I’d love to see some of your pillowcases!

  2. This edging is stunning!
    Is that a self devised pattern?
    Great work!

  3. That is lovely! Sew it on something and enjoy it!

    I think it can be harder to get back to something old because there is always that worry of “where was I?” Even when I’ve documented where I was, I still worry.

  4. Your knitted lace edging is GORGEOUS! WOW! Thanks for the photo. đŸ™‚

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