Peach Doily

Since a ravelry friend put a flickr photo link of my spiral doily on a Russian crochet forum, I have been watching my view counts go up and up. Today alone, they went to 360. I know this will will not last long, but nevertheless it has been fun. ElisaM, my ravlery friend, lives in Kiev. We both have crocheted many of the same designs. We each have a different way of interpreting the Japanese patterns that we use. Her work is looser and makes the pattern form a light and delicate lace. Mine is tighter and forms a more structured lace, something that doesn’t need any starch to hold it’s shape. I love looking at the differences. I think it is harder to control the size of the stitches with a looser tension. It is something that I need to work on. Here is another doily that I didn’t block to photograph. It has been folded in half for a while but it patted out nice enough. It is a favorite pattern because I have cherished memories of lily-of-the-valley. My mother had a flower bed of them under her kitchen window. It was the coolest place in the backyard in summer and our dog could always be found laying right in the middle on top of the flowers. I can still see it in my head, that big black dog surrounded by tiny white flowers trying his hardest not to be noticed.


I love the beaded effect of filling in the chain loops with a cluster stitch. Though simple, it gives the edge a lovely finish.



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  1. This doily is absolutely lovely!

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