Today was one of those wonderful, kind of odd, California days.  It was in the 80’s, so much warmer inland than on the coast.  So on my drive to the Joann’s Etc. in Palmdale the view was of snow topped mountains and flying seagulls.  Darn, I didn’t have a camera with me.  In the winter we often have seagulls coming this far inland  for the warmth, though we don’t always get snow at this elevation.  The Palmdale JoAnn’s was all out of thick and quick chenille too.  So I checked the new Lion Brand catalog to see if was discontinued.  No it still there but the price is more than 4 times the sale price.  Some lucky knitters got a bargain.


Then I noticed the new Wool Stainless Steel Yarn. I can’t imagine there is much call for stainless steel yarn. It is too expensive to use for a pot scrubber. I must be missing something. Leave a comment if you all know what it is for.

ETA:  Stainless Steel Yarn is for some kind of sculptural knitting.  I saw a reference on ravelry about Japanese Silk Stainless Steel yarn used for that effect.


The stuffed critters on the cover are really cute and so are many of the ideas inside. Nickey Epstein has a few over the top designs, which I like but wouldn’t spend time making. I would love to make the pompom rug, but only if I had a place to put it and knew how it would wash up.



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