Pineapple Runner

I am a bit out of it today.   So instead of any thoughts, they would be incoherent, I’ll share one of my favorite crochet runners.  I made this during my thread crochet days, when it seemed there were not enough hours in the day to get everything I wanted done.  Now I am more relaxed, and wonder if I’ll ever make anything like this again.  I love how the center turns the pattern and the three scallop ends .  The runner is about 36″ long.  It is made in ecru cotton Cebelia size 3o thread and a size 12 steel crochet hook.  It is one of those designs that will work for a holiday table or a spring tea party.  In heavier yarn one pattern of the repeat would make a nice lace scarf.


The center. If I don’t put words here I don’t get a space between the photos.


Detail of the pattern.



One Response

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! I really, really, really like it! What is the pattern?

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