4 Hours

What a day! We didn’t sleep much last night because my sister-in-law was taken to the hospital yesterday. It was thought she had a slight stroke. Turns out that she hadn’t eaten in a couple of days and she had low blood sugar. Which is great news on one level, but on the other we wonder about her mind. Then this morning I had my second mac class. Learned a few things about toggling between screens. Not sure I will use them often, but it is good to know how sophisticated these computers have become. I stopped on the way home at a JoAnn’s Etc. store and they were totally out of the thick & quick chenille too. So only one crazy stitch afghan to share for the time being. Now for the title of this post. 4 hours is how long it takes to cut your finger slicing bread until you can be back home with 3 stitches closing the gap. Luckily Alex was home and not scheduled to work, so he did all the driving. Funny how we wait for our children’s activities without complaint, but hate to see them wait for us. I kept asking him to go home and I would call. He stayed the whole time even waiting to get some antibiotics at the drug store. The doctor said hand and face infections can be really bad. I don’t like to take antibiotics, but we are talking about my crochet finger here. I think I will be back in business in a couple of days. Maybe not crochet, but hopefully I can do some machine sewing. Last time I had stitches in my hand was in high school. Not having to wash dishes for the week is what I remember most about that experience. Now I get another week off KP, but I can’t crochet or knit. Getting older sure changes one’s priorities.



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  1. Ouch! I laughed when you said you’d take the antibiotics for your crochet hand!

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