I have been the organizer of a crochet and knitting meetup since meetup started, like 6 years. We meet at 7:00PM the first Tuesday of the month at a local Starbuck’s Coffee. Usually we get 6 to 8 of the regular members, but every January we get a lot more. 25 ladies RSVP’d to come, luckily only 16 came. Even so I wondered if Starbuck’s was going to say something to me. They didn’t so I guess it is still OK. I didn’t get to talk to everyone because they kick us out at 11:00PM. So I sat in my car with the heat on till 1:00AM catching up with one friend who needed to talk. Now at 2:00AM I am home and realized I didn’t even write a blog for today. I like to do it early since living in California I get to sleep in 3 hours more than my east coast friends, some who will be up by the time I finish writing. The meetup was fun. In a smaller group we go through the new pattern magazines and such. This was more a meet and great kind of thing. Our group is called the San Fernando Valley Crochet and Knitting Meetup Group. It originally was just a crochet group, but when the knitting group broke up I added knitting to ours for any knitter who still wanted a meetup group. For a while, longer than I care to remember, I used the initials in welcome messages to new members. Some may have ended up in spam folders because I didn’t notice that “Welcome to the SFVCKMG” did not look very nice. I guess I typed and didn’t really look at it. I still look at the keyboard when I type, a bad habit I know. Then one day I saw it! Now I don’t use our initials and write the whole thing out…….. I need to end this post and go to sleep. I can’t think of anything better to end with.



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  1. Wow, I’m sure they all appreciate what you do – I wonder why so many more people in january?? We sort of have been trying to start a group in the afternoons since the end of the summer. There are only 3 “regulars” So if at least 2 of us aren’t going to be there we don’t do it that week. And then we do change days so we can all be there, and then post on ravelry what day it will be. ( there are only 2 occaisionally’s so it’s only 5 people) but it is definitely fun!!

  2. I participate sometimes here in Florida in a meetup knitting group. Great bunch of ladies. The organizer works hard to have meetings that can work with people who live in different areas of town.

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