Frogging Mohair

For a few days now I have realized the hairpin lace squares were just not right. I made 20 of them about one third of the scarf. I tried to talk myself into finishing it the way it is, but I knew I wouldn’t want to work on something that isn’t right. The squares need to be double looped to match the density of the chains. Double loops in the size of square I was making made the motif too dense. So now I am making larger motifs with more chain stitches in between the loops. The outside chain loops are the same size as before. I think the proportions are better and when I take a picture of the lace with the light coming from the back, I think everyone will agree. Picking out a skein and a half of mohair isn’t pleasant, but it is not that bad. It will be done when it is done, just not as soon as I would have liked.



One Response

  1. There was a tip in my daily SnB knitting calendar that said sticky yarns like mohair tinked better when frozen and to stick your project in the freezer for a couple of hours. Seems a bit weird but maybe worth a try?

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