Hairpin Fower Motif Lesson 1

I wish I was a better writer, so explaining this type of crochet lace would be easier both for me and for my readers. Please be patient with my explanations and ask any questions. First photo is of the supplies including the book I used which is all in Japanese and so a little difficult for non-Japanese readers. That is why I am trying to explain it in English. Next are the crochet hooks, depending on the size of yarn I tried” G”,”H”, and “I”. I am using an “H” in these photos, but would probably go down to a “G” for a project. I like a tighter stitch. Size “I” is the one recommended on the yarn label. The yarn is a variegated mohair, which I think is the best for this type of lace. Mohair doesn’t slide around, so controlling the loops is easier. I like that the variegated colorations stand out in the chains between motifs too.  The last supply is a hairpin frame.


Next photo shows a chain of 10 stitches with the last stitch put on the front peg of the hairpin frame. I want to make a motif with 12 petals, and 2 loops for each petal. That means I will need 24 loops. This is the start of the tricky part. I need to wrap 22 loops, 2 less than needed.  Count the loops on the top peg.


Next I bring the yarn up as if to wrap and put a slip not on the crochet hook even with the top peg.


Sorry the next photo is a little dark. Then I draw the loop that is on the crochet hook through all the loops and crochet a slip stitch to close and gather the loops together.  You can slip the crochet hook through backwards or take the chain loop off the hook and then slip the hook  through all the loops from the other side.   I think the latter opens up the loops for pulling through better.


Finally for today, take the loops off the hairpin frame, putting a stitch holder in the chain stitch that was on the front peg. Then pull the slip stitch on the hook tight and do a single crochet under it to lock the loops and middle of the motif in place. Pull the loop on the crochet hook up and make it the same size of the other loops. This is one of the 2 loops that were not wrapped earlier. Tomorrow I will show how to get the other missing loop and complete the first motif.



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