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Frogging Mohair
December 31, 2008

For a few days now I have realized the hairpin lace squares were just not right. I made 20 of them about one third of the scarf. I tried to talk myself into finishing it the way it is, but I knew I wouldn’t want to work on something that isn’t right. The squares need to be double looped to match the density of the chains. Double loops in the size of square I was making made the motif too dense. So now I am making larger motifs with more chain stitches in between the loops. The outside chain loops are the same size as before. I think the proportions are better and when I take a picture of the lace with the light coming from the back, I think everyone will agree. Picking out a skein and a half of mohair isn’t pleasant, but it is not that bad. It will be done when it is done, just not as soon as I would have liked.



Dreams of Knitting
December 30, 2008

I have a terrible head cold. Alex brought it home, then Rick got it, and now I have it. Good thing we each had it at different times. I couldn’t have taken care of them if my hurt this much when they were sick. Anyway, along with other symptoms it brings realistic dreams. I dreamed of sweaters, bright pastel sweaters, with cables and bobbles and knit from the top yokes. I think they were children’s sweaters and had matching hats. I should sketch them, but my head hurts too much to strain my eyes over a drawing. This cold was only bad for a day or two when Rick and Alex had it. Rick always keeps pushing himself never believing he is sick until he can’t move. I on the other hand know the more I sleep in the beginning the quicker it is over. So by tomorrow I expect to be back to normal.


December 29, 2008

I almost forgot about blogging today. I am so tired and feel like I have a half million things to do and they all need to be done now. I know that isn’t reality…. I did find what I thought was a really cool widget on the Mac dashboard. It is a small translation tool. I like to use Japanese patterns and to shop for them. I thought it would be nice to be able to translate at least the titles. I posted to the Japanese Knitting forum on Ravelry about the widget thinking others may have used it, etc. The only reply I got was thanks for reminder so she could delete it. I am not sure how to take that. Oh well. Whatever. Here is a photo taken of the screen. I wish I would have chosen something a little more clever to translate.


MacBook Setup
December 28, 2008

Here is the MacBook setup. Rick said I should take a photo with some of my project photos on the screen. I didn’t want to transfer any photos over before I take a one-to one class and ask the best way to organize them. So I just opened flickr and used photos of my darling tortoise, since darker photos on the display screens seemed to photograph better. I also had to take the display brightness way down, plus put the camera in manual and adjust some settings. There is so much to photography that I still don’t know. You can see the stylus and pad in the bottom of the photo. Rick likes using a pen and I like a mouse and both work on the pad. Here is a tip on buying a pad. Smaller is better because you do not have to move your hand around so much. You can zoom into an area for details, so the bigger pad is really not necessary. Rick had a big one on his first laptop, so found this out by actually working on them. He uses one at Disney that he draws right on the screen in that case bigger is OK since it like drawing on paper. I still have lots of old PC stuff to go through. In the early nineties I actually assembled a 486 computer from parts. Giving up all that knowledge is a bit unsettling, though most of it is so out of date as to be useless. Hopefully I can get through it all by the new year for a fresh start on a more up to date way of working. One that will leave me more time to craft.


Busy Day
December 27, 2008

I haven’t been able to craft today. We are switching from PC to Mac. Hopefully I will be able to use some of the new technology on this blog. I still need to learn so much, it does seem overwhelming. Rick tried to make a dvd of some family photos on the PC and it really struggled and wouldn’t add any music without crashing. He needs to be able to make dvds of his work as a resume, so we thought it was time to invest in something easier to use. I am the IT member of our family, so I have been setting up and activating software all yesterday and today. I am going to take some of the classes offered at the apple store too. This mac system is just too expensive not to use every feature. So far we have been really impressed with everything. The only problem is that some of my crafting time will now be spent on transferring everything over. In a way it is like moving to a new house.