Batik Scraps

This is just a fun scarp of fabric in my collection. It is an African Batik fabric, and I have about 3 yards of mostly edging left. I think it was to commemorate a missionary since there is also a big portrait of a bearded man and symbols of crosses. Maybe he worked with children. I want to use the fabric for something special. Not sure what yet, though I have had this scrap for many years. It was about to be thrown out at a shop I worked in and I rescued it. The girl in the blue dress is in between the two boys as a repeat. The selvage says it was printed in Dakar, which is the capital of Senegal on the west coast of Africa. I have been sewing so many years and have so many scraps. Each one has its own story to tell.



2 Responses

  1. that is a really cool fabric. glad you were able to rescue it!

  2. Africa also has Batik like in Indonesia.
    In my mind, just in Indonesia has Batik but Africa has Batik too.

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