432 Yo-Yos

I have all 432 Yo-Yos divided into 16 color groups of 27 Yo-Yos. That way an equal number of each color will be in each of the 27 squares. I am making a triangular shaped bag out of 3 squares, which in turn are made out of nine squares of 16 Yo-Yos each. Confused yet? Anyway, I found I like the colors arranged best in little mini groups within each square. By putting like colors close to each other it brings out the brightness a bit more than just mixing them all up. This project is taking way too long. I need to put a bead in between each Yo-Yo and finding a bead with a big enough hole has been difficult. Add to that I need 600 beads that cost around 3 cents each, well the pickings are slim. I found a shiny lilac bead I am going to use. It isn’t perfect; I wanted a matte finish off white bead. I think it is going to make a nice beach bag. This project is giving me a better understanding of color management and I am learning more doing this than doing something I already have done successfully. It is frustrating though, since I don’t think the bag will look like it took any great deal of time or thought.


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