I did not know what I wanted to write about today. I have lots of books, fabrics, yarns, and projects that I still need to photograph. I have been busy working on my Yo-Yo project. It isn’t going quite as I thought it would, so I am having to readjust my thinking. It will be an OK thing when I get it finished, but not the spectacular one I had in my head. These things happen. Going through my flickr photos for something to write about I saw this one of a rose I took last summer. It turned out much better than I thought it would. I couldn’t see the image with the sun glaring in my eyes at the time took it and then when I saw it on the computer I was so pleased. Like the rose was lit from within. Some projects just like photographs amaze us while others we thought were going to be great turn into duds. It is just part of the creative process. Not every path on a fiber arts journey leads us where we want to go. Then out of the blue a path leads to something better than expected and we learn a new technique. I learned that if I wait until late in the afternoon, and photograph a flower with the sun on it and everything behind it in deep shade I can get an amazing photograph.



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