Crochet Buttons

This set of 6 crocheted buttons I made using a pattern from Nancy Nehring’s book “50 Heirloom Buttons to Make”.  I used an ecru crochet cotton in size 100 and a size 14 Susan Bates steel crochet hook.  The top button I turned over to show the decreases that pull the crochet tight around the button.  I made these to go with a crochet collar that I will blog about on another day.  Each button is 1″ in diameter.  The rings around the flowers are a little on the thick side being plastic instead of brass.  I had trouble finding the right size rings, and being impatient I used the thick ones.  Lately I have noticed the thinner ones in drapery departments, so I just may have to make another set of these fun to make buttons.



One Response

  1. Could you tell me where to get a copy of 50 Heirloom buttons to crochet? You did such a beautiful job, and I would love to have this book.

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