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Calico Fruit
October 31, 2008

Digging in the cupboard of my sewing room for some tracing paper I saw a bag of stuffed fruit on the top shelf. I started making these thinking they would make a nice table center display. In reality my table is covered in cutting boards and fabric, hence they stay in the bag. I never made the apples or grapes. I think it is funny that all the finished ones start with the letter ‘P’; pears, pomegranates, and plums. The colors of these particular fruits together would also offer lovely compositions for embroidery. The variations of different yellows(greens), reds, and purples(blues), are endless. I may start using these stuffed pieces as pin cushions. The pear stems are made of leather shoe laces. The pomegranate bottoms are craft pompoms.


Beautiful Book
October 30, 2008

I have been waiting for this book since May when I pre-ordered it. It is just what I wanted and more. In May I also ordered “Heirloom Knitting” by Sharon Miller. That book is is a classic, but I wanted the texture of Estonian Lace. There are so many designs in this Nancy Bush book and I am in awe of all her research. This book will be a classic too, if not more so. I am deciding whether to make the ‘Maikell’ or the ‘Queen Silvia’ Shawl first. Or maybe one of the smaller scarves, every design is so beautiful!

Bruegher Lace
October 29, 2008

In the title of this post I used the spelling given in the pattern book for this style of doily. I have seen it spelled a few different ways. This doily measures 18″ by 13″ and makes a nice table-center. The center is traditional lacet stitch with a border of filet squares. I made this several years ago when I was doing lots of this type of work. I can not find where I joined the ends of the tapes together. I remember I developed a way to do an invisible join in crochet, requiring the removal of the first chain row. Then on the last row removing the crochet hook from the work and pulling the stitch through the now loose bottom loops of the stitches as required. It is also a great way to fix old crochet doilies that have a hole in them. Note that the flowers are crocheted off center, like viewing real flowers. That is what I love about this stunning design.

Bullion Roses
October 28, 2008

This is a closeup of an embroidery I did for a bag. Now I think it is too delicate and am planning on making it into a bedroom pillow. It is a Kris Richard’s design called “All Roses” from the book “Embroidered Bags and Purses”. I love doing this type of embroidery since it is such a challenge. I changed the threads to DMC floss because it is easier for me to find. I had to mix the colors for the hydrangeas. The pattern called for an expensive brand of variegated floss I thought was rather dull looking, after searching and finding it at a local needlework shop. There is a photo of the whole design on my flickr photostream.

Blue Pillowcase Lace
October 27, 2008

I made this lace in size 30 DMC Cebelia crochet cotton and a size 11/12 steel crochet hook. It is from a Burda pattern. It is a fairly easy pattern done in the round. Since it is worked lengthwise, you only have to look at the pattern when turning at the ends. It has tons of picots, and I love the look of picots. The blooms are lisianthus from my garden. One of my favorite flowers because where I live it will bloom all year.